Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Cap

For the first time since I began officiating, two different fans over the same weekend asked me about my navy field cap. I have two, one bearing the initials FDNY and the other BFD. FDNY obviously stands for Fire Department of New York while BFD represents my hometown fire department, Bayonne, NJ.

I don’t belong to a local umpire association (although I am an ABUA member) so I’m free to wear the blank, blue standard cap or something else appropriate. I chose to go with the fire department after seeing a few of my instructors do the same during a camp. The FDNY cap was easy to order and I had the BFD model made since there’s not a shop for such items in my hometown.

Not to get all serious here but I have had relatives and friends serve in various fire departments and to bring attention to the commitment of these men and women is a simple act on my part. The folks that I know are a special breed who take their responsibilities seriously and their day can move from the camaraderie of the firehouse into an emergency situation in a matter of moments. The fact of the matter is, when you and I are trying to get out or move from harm’s way, they are the ones trying to get in and take care of the situation. I'm proud to know these folks!